Friday, July 8, 2011


July, 2011.

I've long since finished my Anti-complacency article, though it remains unpublished!  I've been putting a lot of time in my first one on Transhumanism.  Essentially, I'm building the case that it is our purpose and destiny to surpass our biological evolution and put the future of mankind into our own hands - even if it means the risk of losing everything we've worked for.  In my Anti-Complacency article, I made the point that we should NEVER let the fear of failure get in the way of our dreams, and the dream of mankind is to change, and improve.  We've been creating new ways to enrich our lives since the first time man created a tool - and improving our own bodies is the epitome of that idea, and it embodies the will of man perfectly.

I've had nothing but problems with launching Huff Raidio - however, I may have a solution!  I'm currently logged in to the totse2 VPS, and testing the shoutcast server software running on that machine - since my home connection doesn't want to host any form of server (because FUCK YOU comcast).  I'm looking forward to having this finally launch!

Another thing I'm working on, is spurring NASA into doing something cool again.  I am working on content for a website to get people involved in letting NASA know that we're not happy with how it's being run.  Why do I care about this?  Because 50 years ago, NASA gave us a "giant leap" for mankind.  Since then, we've put robots on Mars, and then cancelled our manned flight programs!  You missed the point of space travel, NASA!  What the hell are you thinking?!?

So that's an update on what's happening right now!  There is much more, but I'll leave that for next week :)

Also, guaranteed updates every Friday.  Because hell yes.

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