Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living Securely in a Digital World

I've finished work on the second on what is turning in to a three part paper on computer security, called "Living Securely in a Digital World".  The first part discussed how to keep your computer secure and private from an offline perspective - so that someone sitting in front of your computer will likely not be able to see what you've been doing, or what you have on your computer.  This second one, which was going to be huge, I split into two separate articles.  It's about how to use your computer online, in an age where tracking your personal data and making a mockery of privacy is standard.  Part three will take a little more work, but the two articles together provide tons of information, that most people don't even know.  Check out the article, in the totse2 text files "technology" section of totse2.com

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