Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy customers are best customers. Also, world domination.

So, I had a lady come in to my computer store recently, and she kept going off about how someone she was doing work for was getting in to her computer and stealing her files. She claimed she knew this because she discovered the administrator account on her computer, through the control panel, and the account had a little yellow car as the icon, - THE SAME ICON THE GUY THAT WAS BREAKING IN WAS USING! /facepalm. I LITERALLY had to spend FOUR FUCKING HOURS with this lady before I could get her to leave. She's probably related to the one that came in to our store a few years ago, saying Al Quida was in her computer, and when I asked her how she knew, I shit you not, she literally said "I CAN SEE THEM IN THERE, COMING IN OVER THE LINES".

I've got to get out of this city.

SPEAKING of this city, which thanks to ADD leads me to... DOCTOR STEELE. He calls himself "Musician, Mad Scientist, and Future World Emperor". He and I share similar goals - and the future he wishes for mankind, a "Utopian playland", is but a stepping stone on the path that I see and will work for. If you're interested in his site, check it out at

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  1. Crazy customers always freaked me out when I worked in a massage parlor!