Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, back when I started this blog...

I had mentioned "putting the world in checkmate".  Back then, I had NO IDEA what I'd come up with, only that I would create a plan to save the world.  Since then, I've come up with several steps toward this goal.  I'm currently in the process of determining a suitable domain name for a website for this, as I would like to use that as a quick go-to place for people to learn about what my ideas are, and why it is important.

I know I'm pretty vague on details here, and when I talk to people in person, but they'll just have to deal with it.  All you need to know is that this isn't a passing dream. This isn't one of those "oh man that'd be cool I'm never gonna do this" ideas.  I've spent a lot of time wanting and not doing.  I started a few projects recently, just to prove to myself that I'm capable of finishing what I start.

Now if you'll excuse me, I still have work to do.

Friday, July 22, 2011


First and foremost, before I write a bunch of stuffs, you must stop everything you're doing and check something out.  What is it?  It's GREAT, that's what.  Hosted on, the weekly updated webcomic Great is everything the name implies!  This is the thing you want to click to check it out.

Are you back?  Excellent, because now I will tell you about things in my life.  Some of them are awesome, some are sad, and some are okay I think.

I've finally added cardio to my workout!  This morning I jogged to our fitness center, rode the stationary bike for a while, then walked home.  I am going to do this every day, because that will make me more awesome.

Urban Exploration has been an interest of mine for quite some time.  I've dabbled in Night Ops - which is essentially UE during the night time, with emphasis on stealth - and have started exploring things in the daytime, as well.  There is a tunnel in the town that I reside in, that runs for several blocks - and I have not discovered the end yet.  A new expedition into the tunnels under the streets is in order.  Another thing, is that I found a nifty abandoned building nearby, and it was awesome.  There was some good graffiti and a ton of horrible graffiti.  Eventually, I found a 2'x2' window door thing and climbed in.  This building was full of awesome art!  I spent some time checking out the first floor.  Eventually, I moved upstairs, and suddenly the graffiti stopped, and in its place was a very strong sense of wrongness - it's difficult for me to describe, but the first thing that moved in to my head was "this is not a happy place", and I swiftly left.  It was a good adventure overall.

I wasn't alone on that adventure.  With me was a dear friend of mine, whom I will refer to as Rose.  She and I have been great friends for a long, long time.  She's stayed with me on and off for the past month, and finally took a bus to live in Boston for a few days, before starting her life as a freight kid.  I know she's gonna hop on a train bound for Chicago, if she hasn't already, and from there, she has no plans other than to go wherever.  She was homeless for roughly 6 months on the street of Boston, and made it out alive, so I trust that she'll be okay during this.  It's still unnerving, though.

Facebook is annoying.  I am prepared to shift into maximum overtroll.  I hate people's stupid attention-whoring updates.  I hate the stupid pictures they upload.  And I hate their dumb comments they leave, ESPECIALLY when I make an update, and a comment is some bullshit like "Hey how are you".  WTF is that shit?  If I tell you something in person (doesn't matter what) would you say "Hey, how are you?" to me as a response?  No, dipshit, you wouldn't .  /rant.

On a final note for now, search youtube for "dongs".  The first non-sponsored video should be called "dongs.exe"  Watch it.  It is funny.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living Securely in a Digital World

I've finished work on the second on what is turning in to a three part paper on computer security, called "Living Securely in a Digital World".  The first part discussed how to keep your computer secure and private from an offline perspective - so that someone sitting in front of your computer will likely not be able to see what you've been doing, or what you have on your computer.  This second one, which was going to be huge, I split into two separate articles.  It's about how to use your computer online, in an age where tracking your personal data and making a mockery of privacy is standard.  Part three will take a little more work, but the two articles together provide tons of information, that most people don't even know.  Check out the article, in the totse2 text files "technology" section of

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy customers are best customers. Also, world domination.

So, I had a lady come in to my computer store recently, and she kept going off about how someone she was doing work for was getting in to her computer and stealing her files. She claimed she knew this because she discovered the administrator account on her computer, through the control panel, and the account had a little yellow car as the icon, - THE SAME ICON THE GUY THAT WAS BREAKING IN WAS USING! /facepalm. I LITERALLY had to spend FOUR FUCKING HOURS with this lady before I could get her to leave. She's probably related to the one that came in to our store a few years ago, saying Al Quida was in her computer, and when I asked her how she knew, I shit you not, she literally said "I CAN SEE THEM IN THERE, COMING IN OVER THE LINES".

I've got to get out of this city.

SPEAKING of this city, which thanks to ADD leads me to... DOCTOR STEELE. He calls himself "Musician, Mad Scientist, and Future World Emperor". He and I share similar goals - and the future he wishes for mankind, a "Utopian playland", is but a stepping stone on the path that I see and will work for. If you're interested in his site, check it out at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Huff Raidios are GO.

For those of you who don't know, I am a member of a website that promotes free speech, and the sharing of information.  A long-running joke from the site, is where an obviously idiotic new user joined, and asked about how to get high off of household chemicals.  So another user gave him an equally retarded answer - to huff raid.  Since then, the joke of huffing raid has been a staple on our site.  So when the idea of running an internet radio station came up, it didn't take long for us to decide a name - Huff Raidio.

There have been a lot of setbacks, but as of tonight, we're back up in running.  We are currently streaming member-made music, and over the next few days will add content such as lectures, debates, news, how-to articles, and more!  If you're interested in checking it out, go to

Friday, July 8, 2011


July, 2011.

I've long since finished my Anti-complacency article, though it remains unpublished!  I've been putting a lot of time in my first one on Transhumanism.  Essentially, I'm building the case that it is our purpose and destiny to surpass our biological evolution and put the future of mankind into our own hands - even if it means the risk of losing everything we've worked for.  In my Anti-Complacency article, I made the point that we should NEVER let the fear of failure get in the way of our dreams, and the dream of mankind is to change, and improve.  We've been creating new ways to enrich our lives since the first time man created a tool - and improving our own bodies is the epitome of that idea, and it embodies the will of man perfectly.

I've had nothing but problems with launching Huff Raidio - however, I may have a solution!  I'm currently logged in to the totse2 VPS, and testing the shoutcast server software running on that machine - since my home connection doesn't want to host any form of server (because FUCK YOU comcast).  I'm looking forward to having this finally launch!

Another thing I'm working on, is spurring NASA into doing something cool again.  I am working on content for a website to get people involved in letting NASA know that we're not happy with how it's being run.  Why do I care about this?  Because 50 years ago, NASA gave us a "giant leap" for mankind.  Since then, we've put robots on Mars, and then cancelled our manned flight programs!  You missed the point of space travel, NASA!  What the hell are you thinking?!?

So that's an update on what's happening right now!  There is much more, but I'll leave that for next week :)

Also, guaranteed updates every Friday.  Because hell yes.