Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things I am working on.

Short term projects:
  • EMP generator.  An EMP is essentially just a quick magnetic flux.  By running a high voltage through a coil, I should be able to create one.  I have a bank of 6x 400v capacitors that I'll be wiring up to a charging circuit a friend drew up for me, and should have a prototype before the end of the week.
  • Create a few how-to guides on some stuff.  I'm part of an online community based on providing and sharing information.  I have a few text files I'm working on.  One needs some refinement, and a couple I'm still researching / planning.  I think I'll post some here once I'm done writing them up, though I may need to check blogger's terms of service again to make sure I'm not going to be violating any agreement.  Some of this stuff can be pretty controversial.
Mid term projects:

  • Internet Radio!  I'm setting up my own station, and have been collecting things to do / share / etc on the station.  This month I'll be ramping up my efforts quite a bit, to meet my tentative launch date of April 1st.

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