Monday, February 28, 2011

A glorious dawn.

For it being 9:21 in the morning, I feel fantastic.  For the first time in ages, it seems, I'm not tired.  For all the stress that work and a lack of money does to me, things seem great.  It is a pleasant change.

Why?  For one, I got up early, and worked out.  It wasn't much, but stretching and some light exercises does wonders for the body.  I think I will do this every morning.  I've been taking vitamins for the past couple weeks as well, and it's also helped tremendously.  A few weeks ago, everything was getting under my skin, everything stressed me out.  It was terrible.  I think those times are over now.

So, what am I doing.  Right now, with my life.  Currently?  A whole lot of nothing.  I work, I go home, I sleep, I repeat.  It's monotonous, unrewarding, and has little purpose.  By the end of the year I'll have my car paid off, and will be able to actually start saving money.  I do not think I will renew my lease at my apartment.  I like the place, but I don't like paying $800/month on rent.  It's a waste of money, and for someone living in a society so dependent and attached to money, that's a problem.

So, what am I doing.  Right now, with this page.  Currently?   A whole lot of nothing.  Writing.  Keeping track of my thoughts.  At work, when I keep a schedule of my time, I find that I'm much more efficient and productive when I do this.  Maybe this will help me get my life together.  I certainly need to.

I recently wrote up a paper.  I have named it "A Call for Extremism".  I wanted to convince myself with it that there is a purpose to life, and give myself a reason to find out what is worth doing.  What I learned while writing it, is that there is no single thing people can do to do anything great.  Life is like playing chess.  It's not your current move that really matters, it's the move 6 turns away that you're setting yourself up for.  So I guess me toiling away at work to free myself of bills is my first move.  Vitamins and working out are my next.  Third move?  Read more.  A LOT more.

In a few years, I'm gonna have the whole fucking world in checkmate.

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