Thursday, August 11, 2011

Donating plasma screwed up my arm...

Two weeks ago today, I went to donate plasma at a healthcare center that specializes in plasma.  Long story short, they screwed up my arm.  It's been bruised and sore ever since - I really hope nothing was permanently damaged.

Does anyone else donate blood / plasma?  I'm lucky enough to go to a place that reimburses you for your time - I can make as much as $50 a week doing it.  I haven't for the past two, since my arm's been bruised and sore, but I'm looking forward to starting it up again.  Nothing like helping people, even if you can't get anything back out of it :)


  1. $50 a week? Seems like a nice job. lol
    I hope your arm gets well soon.

  2. In Canada you donate blood for free and thus, you can receive blood for free.

    Free cookies and soup is always nice though.

  3. Yeah, the money's nice, but honestly, even if it was just "Here's a gold star by your name for the day - thanks" I'd probably still do it. The more plasma available on the market = lower cost of bloodwork = more people getting treatment for the things they use plasma for. So I'm okay with this.

    And I didn't know that about Canada - that's cool. Too bad our country isn't like that...

  4. Yeah, for some reason there's always a little bit of surrounding bruising whenever needles are involved. I guess some are more sensitive than others? I've gotten similar screwyness but not as severe as what you describe.